Marv and stone

10 February 2020

25 June – 22 October 2022

Sif Itona Westerberg and Asbjørn Skou, special exhibition in Oluf Høst’s summer studio.

The installation Marv and Stone is about human exploitation of the planet’s resources and the sense of indifference towards non-human life forms.

To restore a connection with nature, the artists propose a return to the folklore and mythical figures that acted as links between the human and non-human worlds in ancient and medieval times. 

Here the exhibition builds a bridge to Bornholm, where the myth of ‘The Underworld’ still lives. A secret race of sorcerers, said to be the protectors of the island and nature, who punish those who do not treat nature properly.

The artists’ joint installation consists of a collection of sculptural creatures that draw on mythologies from near and far. 

The creatures come together during the magical transition between winter and spring to discuss how, as anthropocene guardian spirits, they can influence humanity to re-establish a healthy relationship with a world where ecosystems are collapsing.

Sif Itona Westerberg and Asbjørn Skou both live and work in Copenhagen, where they have their respective practices. Westerberg works primarily with sculpture and uses mainly aerated concrete as her material. Skou most often uses drawing as a medium; either as large murals or as meticulous illustrations in his graphic novels.

Sculptor Sif Itona Westerberg made a serious breakthrough in 2021 with her solo exhibition “Immemorial” at Aarhus art museum ARoS and with her participation in a danish broadcast television documentary filmed in Gudhjem. Asbjørn Skou has had several solo exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, including at Vejle Kunstmuseum and Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg.

It is with great pleasure that Oluf Høst Museum has been allowed to keep the exhibition for our guests in 2022.

About the artists

Sif Itona Westerberg

Born 1985 in Copenhagen. Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. 

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Asbjørn Skou

Born 1984 in Copenhagen. Graduated from Hochschule Für Kunst Bremen in 2009. 

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The exhibition is generously supported by:

The William Demant Foundation
The Danish Arts Council Project Support Committee
Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond