Michael Kvium: The Noise of Silence

31 March 2023

Special exhibition in the summer studio

March 18th – October 19th, 2024

To our great pleasure we have prolonged the solo exhibition by the internationally acclaimed visual artist, Michael Kvium (1955), in the summer studio of the museum.

The exhibition is titled “The Noise of Silence”, and touches on topics such as overconsumption as well as the struggle between the individual and the collective — themes that are more prevailing now than ever before. Kvium has transformed Oluf Høst’s old summer studio into a complex installation, consisting of a great mural made on site as well as more recent sculptural works.

Michael Kvium recently went through a difficult time in his life, both personally and artistically, during which for the first time in his life, he lost his desire to paint. Fortunately, it has been restored, owing in part to a stay at Bornholm and the DR2 series “Kunstnerkolonien på Bornholm”, where Kvium delved into the artistic universe of Oluf Høst. It is therefore a great pleasure for both the Oluf Høst Museum and Michael Kvium to be able to work together in order to create this on-site installation in Oluf Høst’s old studio.

With its peculiar blend of irony, the aesthetic and the hideous, Kvium seeks to challenge the conformity of our lives, using Bornholm as a place dominated by vacation, merriment and consumption throughout the tourist season.

Photo: Michael Kvium: Socialkreds, 2019.

The exhibition has been generously supported by: the Arne V. Schlesch Foundation, the Grosserer L. F. Foght Foundation, the Overretssagfører L. Zeuthen Foundation, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Toyota Foundation.