Ole W. Høst – On his way

22 January 2021

March 18th – October 19th, 2024

The exhibition shows a selection by Oluf Høsts son, the artist Ole W. Høst’s (1915-1943) works. 

They are exhibited in his former studio, which still stands in the garden of the Oluf Høst Museum. 

As both a person and a painter Ole W. Høst was influenced by his upbringing. From childhood, it was already clear that he would follow the footsteps of his famous father Oluf Høst (1884-1966) and continue the proud Bornholm tradition of painting.

For Ole W. Høst this artistic heritage was heavy. He struggled to free himself from home and to find his own starting point both personally and artistically.

The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to experience works by an artist who is closely connected to the site and its history, but who has not previously been exhibited at the museum. 

As a person, Ole W. Høst is first and foremost known as the artist’s son who volunteered under the Nazi banners. He died on the Eastern Front in 1943, fighting as part of the notorious Waffen SS.

As a painter, Ole W. Høst is a relatively unknown artist. 

He was active at a time when artistic conventions were disintegrating and avant-garde currents began. His oeuvre includes surrealist compositions, works with German-inspired expressionism, but also traditional motifs and approaches. 

Ole W. Høst’s works point in many directions and show an artist who tried to navigate between the many currents of the time and find his own artistic standpoint.