The Museum Collection

The Museum Collection

April 1st – October 21st 2023

More than 50 paintings, sketches and drawings 

The museum’s permanent collection covers most of Oluf Høst’s career until his death in 1966. 

All the artist’s motifs are therefore represented; from the crackling fires in front of the blue horizon, to the herring smokeries and the religious paraphrases that Oluf Høst painted, clearly inspired by Giotto’s frescoes from Italy.

The farm Bognemark, which Oluf Høst acquired in 1935 and which he painted more than 100 times over 30 years, is of course also to be found.

He painted the farm every day, in all weathers, and the farm became a kind of experimental laboratory in terms of colour, atmosphere and texture for Høst.

At the Oluf Høst Museum we have most of the collection exhibited on the walls every year throughout the season, so our visitors can get a thorough insight into Oluf Høst’s life and work.

The permanent collection can be seen inside the villa, Oluf and Hedvig Høst’s private residence at the time.

Here we also show a new special exhibition every year. Each year we also present a special exhibition in Oluf Høst’s former summer studio, which is situated high up in the museum’s steep rocky garden.

The museum’s collection was established when the Oluf Høst Museum opened in 1998. 

Most of the works were purchased from the Høst family. A few works have been acquired over the years through auction houses, thanks to generous donations and fund grants.